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Devil's Minion
8th-Feb-2015 12:17 pm
Yesterday there was a hell of an accident on Vasco Road. Bits of Porsche left behind. Driver and a dog dead but not a smear of blood on the road. Fifteen cars smashed on Highway 101. I didn't go that way but I'll bet you that by nightfall you couldn't tell that it had happened. Some nut in Oakland charging at the cops with his golf clubs. He got himself tased, jerking on the ground like a dying fish.

But who says it happened? There's nothing left by the time I'm awake. Vehicles have all been towed, the roads have been cleared and the nut jobs have been reeled in. All I see is the ghost of the day. Maybe I'm not real.
15th-Feb-2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
Why would you even like to see these horrid things?
15th-Mar-2015 09:45 am (UTC)
Hey. It's good to meet you.

I know it sounds real morbid. Dan Molloy, ambulance chaser. I can be a morbid guy but I don't want to see the gore. My life is enough of an accident. It's part of something bigger, part of all the things that happen in the sun; marriages and new jobs, missing the turning on highway 101 and so meeting the love of your life. People's lives, made and broken in an instant. I used to love that stuff. Now it's all cleared off the road before the sun goes down.
15th-Mar-2015 11:58 am (UTC)
It's good to meet you as well.

A lot that happens during daytime can happen during night time. Jobs, families, new people, every day life - some of them might disappear at sunset, but some of them will just show up by that time. You miss out some things by being asleep when it's day time, but I miss a lot of things because I sleep during the night time. Anyone will miss part of the day, unless it's a creature that can avoid sleep - and missing sleep and dreams is a huge loss as well!
15th-Mar-2015 12:55 pm (UTC)
One of the first things you learn as a vampire is the lesson of exclusion. It's tough to stomach. Mortals live their lives by daylight. They have more energy when the sun shines. They work, play with their kids, learn, travel, meet up for lunch, walk fearlessly along the street, shop, drive and they think sane thoughts.

I see the tail end. I see the dispossessed. Sure, a few people party, but the still of the night is full of lonely thoughts.
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