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25th-Dec-2015 07:43 pm - It's Christmas?
That explains a lot.
24th-Nov-2015 09:40 pm - Burning.
Sure, I helped him burn Armand's pad. I sprinkled the gas over Armand's favorite 19th-century Bakshaish rug.

Louis was my first vampire. The stuff of legend with his white skin and burning melancholy. L'il crush there. I'll level with you. I still don't quite know what to say to him.

There's a fire in the grate. It's fake but I don't mind.
I was about thirteen when this hit down. It still reminds me of something that never existed.

15th-Mar-2015 10:48 am - The Night has a Thousand Eyes.
I didn't fit the mold of an alcoholic. I was young but I didn't party overmuch. I wasn't a loner. I shot my dreams high. Big plans. Big smile. I was a nice college boy with two nice parents. Maybe that's why I liked dive bars. They were a warm portal to a dirty world. I got some cheap thrills and a quick prod at the underbelly of a city before retreating back to my nice, safe life. I did tequila shots with homeless people. They had great stories to tell. There were no holes in my life but I still filled them with hooch.

I never drank on New Year's Eve. Waking up with a massive hangover on the first day of a new year just seemed to curse it. By then I was superstitious. The world was suddenly crazy. Vampires existed and I was prepared for anything. I saw them everywhere I looked and I looked everywhere.

I still drink too much. The world is still crazy. I still imagine that shining eyes burn into my skin when I'm not looking.
10th-Feb-2015 08:24 am(no subject)
What am I doing here?
8th-Feb-2015 12:17 pm - Ghost.
Yesterday there was a hell of an accident on Vasco Road. Bits of Porsche left behind. Driver and a dog dead but not a smear of blood on the road. Fifteen cars smashed on Highway 101. I didn't go that way but I'll bet you that by nightfall you couldn't tell that it had happened. Some nut in Oakland charging at the cops with his golf clubs. He got himself tased, jerking on the ground like a dying fish.

But who says it happened? There's nothing left by the time I'm awake. Vehicles have all been towed, the roads have been cleared and the nut jobs have been reeled in. All I see is the ghost of the day. Maybe I'm not real.
28th-Jan-2015 10:29 am - San Francisco
I came back without really knowing how I got there. I wanted to see that blood red bridge and the cable car gripman dropping the rope on Powell. I wanted to see if the little bar was still open where I chain-smoked my way through half a bottle of Bourbon. It was a Wednesday and it was raining. I still had teeth marks in my neck.

Funny how actually touching something can dispel its magic. The moment I arrived I knew I didn't want to be there. The sight of the bay doesn't move me. The old streets sicken me. So much for home.
11th-Jan-2015 08:26 pm - P is for Persuasion.
I've always felt pretty comfortable in front of the computer. I used to spend hours in front of a typewriter in the 70s. I even had a beat up second-hand IBM Selectric, maybe ten years old. It had a golf ball inside imprinted with the whole alphabet instead of individual letters on a stick. I ruined it by tipping a bottle of beer inside it. You could say that was prophetic.

Then I had to go back to the clacking of my eons old Loyal Royal. Harb Caen, the famous columnist had one too. Ernest Hemingway used a Royal. So did Ian Flemming, the Bond author. I had grandiose ambitions back then. It was a Royal Quiet Deluxe Portable which came in a little brown case in which you were supposed to carry it around with you in spite of the fact that it weighed as much as a corpse. Wasn't exactly quiet either and some of the letters stuck. I had to bang it back down after every P. I loved that typewriter.

This is a still a reluctant return to public blog-keeping. Like a P it might stick and it might not.
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